Friday, July 27, 2007

Samael's Fall: The Angelic Chronicles by Marion Webb-De Sisto

A stirring account of how and why the first and most radiant archangel fell from grace and became the Devil. This is a story of angels and demons, love and hate, goodness and evil. An angelic tale of long, long ago that predates Creation and even the beginning of time. Religion has taught us that the archangels and angels are extremely wise and have faultless purity. However, this is not the author's controversial portrayal of them. These heavenly beings possess a child-like quality; they make mistakes and use poor judgment. Several also display a whole range of emotions and motivations, from being supremely good to unrighteously evil. Could it be their initial frailty was the opening gambit for the duality of the human race? This book is the first of The Angelic Chronicles trilogy. It is a blending of fantasy with esoteric teachings.

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