Thursday, September 04, 2008

Life Takes Detours by Julie McGlone

In Life Takes Detours, Julie McGlone invites us along on a spectacular joyride through the delightful and very different phases of her life, from her earliest memories of summers spent with her twin brother on her uncle’s farm, to her long, loving marriage to husband.

McGlone enthusiastically celebrates every experience as she allows the reader an intimate and revealing look into her private perspectives on successfully navigating life’s many demanding roles.

The seemingly ordinary story of an American family comes to life through the eyes of McGlone, who eventually traveled five continents with her husband and two daughters. Whether describing an important visit to Russia with her fellow teachers at the onset of the country’s new democracy or telling a simple story about tucking her pajama-clad grandchildren into bed, McGlone reminds us that life’s meaning is found not only in the notable occasions but in the tiniest moments as well.

Life Takes Detours is the poignant, at times hilarious, tale of one woman’s journey through a normal life made remarkable by the depth of her character and by the exceptional amount of love she has for her family, her friends, and for life itself.

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