Monday, December 29, 2008

CSFF Presents: The Lost Genre Guild and What It Means for Readers

I'm not a writer. I'm a reader who wants to find genre fiction that's entertaining and doesn't offend my Christian morals. Why should I care about the Lost Genre Guild?

Connecting readers and writers is the main purpose of the LGG. This isn't just to get the author sales (though we love that, of course). We want readers to know that there's a lot more fiction that not only respects but incorporates Christian beliefs than the sweet romance or the End-Times novel:

Christian fiction has experienced much growth over the past decade. As it has become more popular, the numbers of new authors and new genres has exploded--and so has the quality available. Novelists like Frank Peretti, T.L. Hines and Ted Dekker have done much to help Christian fiction cross the boundary from the safe "church-lady" fiction to fantasy, sci-fi, thriller, yes, and even horror written from a Christian worldview.

These authors are published by members of the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (ECPA) who market to members of the Christian Booksellers Association (CBA). To hear many in the world of Christian fiction speak, these groups are the end-all and be-all. (They would assert that) To the reader and consumer of Christian fiction they represent the totality of the industry. But the story does not end there. Not by a long shot. There are many misnomers and misunderstandings about the Christian fiction industry.

--Frank Creed, About the Christian Publishing Industry (

The LGG does not limit itself to Christian fiction that the ECPA would approve of. We have aliens and vampires, high technology and high magic, and a wide tapestry of Christian faiths--from Presbyterianism to Catholicism--treated with respect and portrayed with realism and generosity. Here's where you find the stuff you won't find in your Christian bookstore, and sometimes not even in your secular store; not because they don't measure up, but because they don't fit the neat pegs that stores prefer--too Christian to be secular, too edgy to be "Christian." We want readers to know that exciting Christian sci-fi, fantasy and horror is out there, and we want to make it easy for you to find it.

To that end, we've developed the Lost Genre Guild website, where we provide covers and links to books and magazines that we think the Christian reader of genre fiction will enjoy.

I'm going to give you a small sampling. These are books by LGG members available on Amazon. (With so many to choose from, I selected those who have not been featured here yet, but several of the Christian spec-fic titles I've toured are LGG member books.)

Science Fiction:



(Note: Sue Dent's Never Ceese was toured by me.)

And if you're looking for a little taste of all the genres: (This was reviewed by me.)

There are dozens more listed on the website--series, anthologies and novels, as well as magazines. If you enjoy Christian speculative fiction that may or may not follow the strict morality code of ECPA books, the Lost Genre Guild is a great place to browse for your next reading adventure.

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Nissa Annakindt said...

Just coming through on the blog tour. I didn't read the Lost Genre web site until tonight, and now I have to scare up the money to buy Infinite Space, Infinite God, it sounds so COOL!

Brandon Barr said...

Yeah, there's some pretty intriguing titles they got up!

Frank Creed said...

I like your intro. It is all about connecting with readers, who've stopped looking, which is why the genre is lost. Someone else used the term labor of love; that it is.


TWCP Authors said...

Great information, Karina!

It is pretty cool how the guild started out as a little group of writers and has expanded to include so many great authors -- thank you for showcasing the books for everyone to check out.


Karina Fabian said...

Nissa: Thanks so much! When you get it, let me know and I'll send you a bookplate with everyone's autographs on it!

Brandon: Here's hoping yours will be up soon, too!

Frank and Cynthia: You're both very welcome.

Grace Bridges said...

I may be a writer, but writers love to read! The Guild has opened up a whole new world of literature I'd never have found without it :)

Anonymous said...

What? No Leaps of Faith and Infinite Space, Infinite God, two anthologies edited by LGG's Karina Fabian? I know ISIG is available on Amazon!

Could the Admin here add them to the Amazon links? They're both small-press, and need all the shout-outs they can!

Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Great post, Karina. This makes such a clear statement about what LGG stands for and seeks to accomplish. Thanks for all three of these and especially for going the extra mile and posting all over again!


Karina Fabian said...

Anonymous--since I have links on the side and have toured both of my own books, I didn't put them in this post--same for several other wonderful books like Flashpoint and Faith Awakened.

You can look in my "bookstore" at the bottom of the blog for links to all the LGG books available on Amazon.

Rebecca, thanks for the kudos. I figured with so many great authors to represent, the group deserved a little something extra.