Monday, August 31, 2009

Review of The Knight by Steven James

Steven James has written another compelling thriller with The Knight. I'm again amazed at his ability to weave together such complex tapestry of facts and events without confusing the reader but keeping them guessing until the end.

I'd been warned that The Knight is a darker book than his previous ones, and half-expected that I might not be able to finish it. (My imagination is too active, and I have tossed out books by some best-selling authors because they are too sick.) However, James manages to write about a truly sick, sociopathic killer and some hideous crimes without making me feel personally soiled by the images. (Although, I must admit, the snakes freaked me out, but that's a personal issue.) Don't get me wrong--I was on the edge of my seat at times, and Giovanni (the murderer) made my skin crawl, especially when he was remembering his grandmother's murder. This is an engaging book.

I've enjoyed learning more about the characters, especially the relationship between Patrick and his stepdaughter, Tessa. The warmth, the humor, the fumbling attempts to do the right thing. As a mom of teens, I want to shout advice to poor Patrick, but the whole relationship is very believable--and very touching. This time, Patrick handles some tough issues, and I admire his resolutions. No, no spoilers--go read the book.

In fact, go out and get your copy--or order it by clicking on the Amazon link. This is a terrific thriller, a solid mystery, and a great story.

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