Thursday, June 26, 2008

From Dusk to Dawn by Niambi Davis

Successful Body Products CEO, Ayo Montgomery, has her life on track. Her son is away at Annapolis, her business is flourishing and she is comfortable in her own skin, despite the untimely death of her husband. She doesn't know she's missing something in her life until on a hot, August day, she meets a younger man, Bilal Abdul-Salaam. Bilal Abdul-Salaam has been waiting for the right woman all his life, a woman he can love, cherish, have children with and grow old with. He finds her, but she's everything he didn't expect. Ayo and Bilal are worlds apart. She's Christian and he's Muslim. She is ten years older than he and already had her family, and he wants to start his. But both are overwhelmed by a smoldering attraction that refuses to acknowledge their differences. As they work their way through the obstacles of family and friends, they discover their love is strong enough, passionate enough and deep enough to make every sacrifice worthwhile.

From Dusk to Dawn can be ordered whereever books are sold and online at Amazon, Borders and Books-a-Million.

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