Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gnetle Journey by Elaine Lyons Bach

Eden Barret, daughter of a country vicar, longs to help society’s downtrodden with her talent as an artist. When her initial plans fail, as a last resort, she finds work as a governess in the home of self acclaimed atheist Colin Ashton, Seventh Earl of Edmund. There she plans to continue to pursue painting in her spare time. Her beliefs and her choice to rescue two climbing boys from their abusive master, yet refusal to give testimony against the sweep cause her to cross swords with her handsome employer more than once, putting her employment in jeopardy. Her charge, Lady Diana, is an intelligent, though lonely preteen, confused about what she perceives as her power to cause things to happen – bad things. Though diametrically opposed in beliefs, against her better judgment, Eden is attracted to the intelligent and chivalrous Lord Edmund. All signs point to the fact; however, that Colin is courting his beautiful and sweet-natured neighbor Cassandra Bradley. Diana is doing her best to keep her brother and Eden apart by encouraging him to believe Eden is secretly engaged to the handsome officer who brought her to Chadilane. Cassandra’s brother forms a tender for Eden while his family stays at the manor for a house party. Eden must defend her honor when this suitor attempts to force himself upon her, only to be placed in greater peril when the sweep returns with a secret grudge. Will Colin be in time to rescue her? Will Colin and Eden be able to resolve their differences? Lives are transformed in this adventure of passionate faith and enduring love.

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Elaine said...

Gentle Journey is also available as an ebook for $5.00 at
Amazon and Barnes and Noble only have the paperback and hardback editions.
I want to thank you sincerely for including the book in your blogspot.
Elaine Lyons Bach