Monday, July 28, 2008

My First 24 Hours In Hell by V.K. Sansone

This book is based on a dream that I had many years ago. I asked GOD to show me what hell was like and HE gave me a dream. More like a nightmare for me really, and I was begging GOD to let it end! I have embellished it only to make the reader "feel the reality" of hell. I'm praying that all who read it will come to know that hell is as real as the very next breath we take.


The darkness engulfed me. I screamed again but the blood-curdling sound echoed around me as if it had no where to go, no one to hear it.

Then, I had no ears. What time was it? What day is it? What happened to me? Why is my body fading into complete nothingness? Oh, my God. “Help me,” my tortured mind screamed.

Like a bright light that stabbed into my heart, there was the thought: That’s it. Call out to God. Will it work? Will He hear me? Where is He? How do I know He will help me or even listen to me?

All my life I had ignored Him. I had no time to listen to people who told me about a loving God. What did I need with Him? I was self-sufficient and needed no one. Why did I need religion or a righteous God?

Would He help me?

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