Monday, January 11, 2010

A Witch's Lament by Catherine Anne Collins

When Skye Temple buys a historic house in Salem, Massachusetts, the witch capital of the world, she ignites events that began centuries ago during the witch trials. Salem's bloody history unfolds with her discovery of ancestral diaries, the murders of local girls, and her attraction to Jerome Phips.

A local police officer, Jerome has returned to Salem vowing to uncover the truth of his mother's disappearance during a ritual gone wrong 30 years ago. His suspicion of Skye and her family's history keeps tension between them high.

Burdened with the birth-task of the Goods to keep an ancient knife protected, Skye gains a new understanding of her powers, while the need to avenge his mother's death drives Jerome. Past and present collide in a final ritual between evil, love and honor.

Interview with Cathy Walker:

Why did you write this book?
I have an interest in the Salem witch trials and thought it might be interesting to write a book about them and have an excuse to do some research. Of course, this included a trip to Salem to do my research first-hand.

What was the hardest part? Even though A Witch's Lament is fiction, I wanted to imbue a true sense of the chilling events that occured in Salem, Ma. during the witch trials. It was difficult to be in Salem and imagine historical events without feeling overwhelmed and somewhat sad.

What was easiest or most fun? Oh, that's easy. In Salem there is this amazing candy store called Ye Olde Pepper Companie. It's the oldest candy store in America and well worth a visit. :-)

What do you hope people get from your book? Enjoyment. A brief look into a grievous yet fascinating historical event.

How do you want to be remembered as an author? As someone who wrote books that made people think, and maybe question life just a little.

What's next for you? A sequel called A Witch's Legacy and then more books, of course.


Amy De Trempe said...

Sounds like a great book. I've alwasy been fascinated with Salem. Even in high school it was the subject of research papers.

catherine said...

Hi, Amy. The subject of the Salem witch trials seems to hold interest for alot of people. I did a booksigning yesterday and sold more copies of A Witch's Lament than my other two books.

I'm working furiously on the sequel and, if all things go well, it'll be published early in the new year.

Have a great day,