Monday, June 01, 2009

The Third Floor Window by Colleen Spiro

The Third Floor Window is the story of Colleen’s journey of healing from child sexual abuse. After years of trying to forget her past, Colleen thought she had dealt with her past once and for all. Then the clergy sexual abuse crisis in her beloved Catholic Church hit the newsstands. Colleen was devastated by the memories and buried emotions bubbling up to the surface.

Feeling driven to help other survivors, Colleen decided to share her own story. So she set out to teach the world about the long term effects of child sexual abuse. What she found along the way was healing and hope.

Now the third floor window is more than a symbol of pain and fear. It is a symbol of Colleen’s journey from darkness to light.

A Message from the Author About the Book:

I was inspired to write this book during the clergy sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church. I was so tired of hearing the same old question - why did it take so long for the victims to tell? I knew I needed to write about the long term effects of sexual abuse. I felt the need to educate, to inform and to encourage other survivors. The hardest part was digging deep for those painful memories from my childhood, but I love the hope and encouragement that my book gives to other survivors.

I am working on putting together some of my published articles into another book. The articles are about how I have seen God in my everyday life.

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