Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Fallen by John Evans

Nothing is what it seems. Scout often heard these words, but never paid them any heed, until the day they landed on Earth and destroyed everything he held sacred. John Evans in his new book, The Fallen, details the life of Scout "Striker" Carleson and his struggles against the sinister alien intelligence known as the "Fallen". However, he soon discovers that the old adage is true; nothing is as it seems. Now he must confront a far greater evil, and accept a destiny that could spell the end of not just the universe, but the infinite number of realities that surround it. The Fallen is filled with good humor, brilliant imagery, and a philosophical/religious approach that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.


Mr. K said...

hey man looks like it will be a good book one of these days im gona read all your stuff and i do have a question what inspires u to write u seem to be very motivated u pump out alot of interesting stuff from what ive seen so far

Future NYT Bestseller, John Evans said...

Hey, John Evans here. Thanks for the question, Mr. K! Now, you ask what inspires me to write. I'll give you two words; "what if"? Those two words have plagued me since I was a little kid. They fuel my imagination, and inspire me to begin a project. This is not to say that such a thing fuels what is to come. They are but a catalyst upon which all great things are born. When I began writing The Fallen, I had no idea what direction it was going to take me. At times, it was like I wasn't the one writing the book at all. At times it felt as though I was but a vessel for something far greater. But it was the question that drove me to create. It was the question that triggered many a sleepless night. And it was the question that drives me even today.

Great question!

Myspace's Favorite Future NYT Bestseller,


Bennett said...

Well John you've started a tour. I could sit here all day and sing your praises but I'm going to cut out the b.s.

This book is good. Very good. NYT bestseller list is out there for the book to obtain. If no one hasn't picked up this book yet, they are missing out on the opporutinity to experience actual solid writing and not regurgitated garbage that popular writers and screenwriters continue to do.

Anyways Kudos to you for the virtual book tour.

April said...

This is moderately confusing. However, because I love you and this book so much, I'll step out of my comfort zone and step up to the plate.

You've been writing your "short story" for quite a bit now, with the main character of Marius, etc. etc...[I'm sorry, I can't recall the name right now...don't hurt me. x(] Anytime we've spoken, you've stated it takes on a life of it's own and is growing more into a novella than just the story; any plans to release that as an actual novel?

Also, what lays ahead for The Fallen series?
Any suggestions on publishers that would be good to work with?

And the final, and most important question of you like muffins?

Future NYT Bestseller, John Evans said...

Hahaha you can't remember the title, April because I haven't given it one yet;) I'm about 93 pages or so into that particular project actually, so it's fast becoming novel length and I think that it'll be something that DAW might like to take a look at. There are of course other publishers that I'll probably solicit, but DAW is probably at the top of the charts.

As far as what lies ahead for The Fallen, I am actively writing the sequel which is entitled The Ascension . As of now I'm about 125 pages into it and while I won't give too much away as far as the plot is concerned, I will say that it is a continuation of the first book. As the foreboding letter warns, Masiroku has overcome Shiro and now he's out for revenge against Striker and his freedom fighters. You'll see new characters, old friends, and new enemies. And as is always true in the "Fallen Universe", NOTHING is as it seems.

I'm still thinking about what publisher to work with, with the sequel. I may stick to my current publisher, I may branch out to other venues. I'm thinking the latter as it will put my name out there in greater force.

AND FINALLY, the question that is perhaps greater than life itself. Do I like muffins? The answer *drum roll please* is I love muffins. They're so fluffy, and quite delicious. I especially like the muffins with poppy seeds on them. Or blueberry muffins rock.

Thanks for the questions, April! Glad you enjoyed the book.

Myspace's Favorite Future NYT Bestseller,


Kassie said...

Im kassie :D

I got one of the first copies of this book, john is one of my good friends and has been for quite some time now! He is an amazing writer, For my senior year of high school I had to read all these books and I wound up doing a book report on his book its such a good book so detailed you can actually get the images in your head.

John helped me a lot in high school, from writing papers to helping me summarize things I really had a tough time with organization in papers, I can write all day every day but everything will be off the wall and all mixed in and thats not how the teachers like it; so he was able to help me with organization and help me stop rambling on where I didn't need to.

Thanks John

Karina Fabian said...

Thanks, everyone, for commenting on John's book!