Friday, October 31, 2008

Leaps of Faith Book Tour

Over the next month, Leaps of Faith is touring the blogsphere. My husband and I edited this anthology of Christian sci-fi, which was a finalist for the EPPIE award in 2002 for best anthology when out in e-book and is now available in print.

I'll be doing some special posts during the week and here's where you can find more:

1 Book Info and Interview with Editors Free Spirit
1 Author's Interview and Book Info Time with Tannia
3-9 information, reviews, interview Christian Fiction Review Blog Roll
2 Book Information Tree-lady
2 synopsis of some of stories Cathi's Chatter
3 Interview with Karina Bibliophile's Retreat
3 review Cathi's Chatter
4 Interview with Susanne Bibliophile's Retreat
5 book trailer Cathi's Chatter
5 Information, Interview Joy in the Journey
7 (Review) Bibliophile's Retreat
12 (Interviews) Review Hutch
13 (Interviews) The Book Connection
14 (Interviews) The Book Connection

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