Friday, October 31, 2008

The Firestorm of Dragons Book Tour!

All month, the fantasy anthology, Firestorm of Dragons is touring the blogsphere. We'll be doing some special blogs on it next week, but in the meantime, here's the list of who is featuring interviews, reviews and more:

1 (Authors and Characters Interview) Time with Tannia
1 (book Information) Tree Lady
3 (character interview) The Book Connection
3 (Information) Interview Joy in the Journey
5 (summary) Brenda Weaver
6 (Summary) Kim Richards on Live Journal
6 (summary) Kim Richards on My Space
6 (summary) Kim Richards on Blogger
8 (interview) The Back Room Mat
10 (character interview) The Book Connection
13 (Kim Richards Interview) Bibliophile's Retreat
14 (Review of Anthology) Bibliophile's Retreat
15 (summary) Cathi's Chatter
16 (review) Cathi's Chatter
17 (character interview) The Book Connection
20 (book trailer) Cathi's Chatter
22 (Bios/book information) Books and Authors
24 (Karina Fabian and Vern Interview) Bibliophile's Retreat
25 (Sandra Ulbrich Interview) Bibliophile's Retreat

1 comment:

Inkpot said...

My copy just arrived in the post. I confess I immediately turned to Dragon Eye, P.I. I loved it! Funny, mysterious and two Popes - who could ask for anything more! I must read the rest of the book now, it looks chock full of goodies. I hope the book tour is going well.