Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Holy Rosary. A Prayer Of The Church, For The Church, And By The Church by Stuart Sexton

This booklet is intended a a bridge between Catholic Christians and non-Catholic Christians, to foster deeper understanding, and to bring us all closer in Christ, through a better understanding of His Mother.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CSFF Presents: Broken Angel by Sigmund Brouwer

Summary From Publishers Weekly
In this addictively readable futuristic Christian dystopia, Brouwer (The Last Disciple) takes readers inside a state run by literalistic, controlling fundamentalists. There, reading is a serious crime; citizens are drugged into submission; and those who break rules are either sent to slave labor factories or stoned to death. Occasionally, a few brave souls try to escape to Outside. At the center of this novel is Caitlyn, a disfigured but graceful and brave young woman whose father essentially orders her to make a run for it. For reasons not revealed (even to Caitlyn) until the very end, she is chased by a variety of people who want her dead or alive. While trying to escape, Caitlin meets up with two traveling companions who have their own reasons for fleeing, and she is aided by a sort of underground railroad. Its leaders believe the fundamentalist government has distorted true Christianity, so they risk everything to help people get Outside to freedom. The terrific pacing is surpassed only by the character development; the many supporting characters are extremely well-drawn. Brouwer adds even more suspense by regularly revealing that some of these characters are not who they appear to be. (May)
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Monday, August 25, 2008

Ladies of Class by Marjorie Owen

Murder is no respecter of persons. Richard Hayward's promotion and move from the big city life to the sleepy town of Burshill, England has been shattered. Sir John Bury needs a murder solved. The results of Richard's investigation cause a ruckus when several ladies of a particular 'class' become part of the inquiry. As the facts begin to unfold, they not only amaze Richard and the community of Burshill but extend all the way to the top brass of Scotland Yard.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Journey With the Spirit of Life by John Patrick Gatton

“A Journey with the Spirit of Life,” is written for those who are healing. It contains four books with titles as follows:

The Way of the Cross - An Example of Perfect Love
Peter, the Rock – Possibilities
Stages in Heaven
Angels, Twenty-Three Stories, Meditations and Spiritual Exercises

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Sweetgum Knit Lit Society by Beth Pattillo

Beth Pattillo (Heavens to Betsy and Earth to Betsy) knows how to follow a dream—even with a pile of publishing industry rejection slips to her name. She spent seven years on the path to her first publishing contract, and the characters in her new novel, The Sweetgum Knit Lit Society, embrace Pattillo’s persistence.

Eugenie, Ruth, Esther, Merry, and Camille are not perfect women. They each struggle with love in their own way—unrequited love, forbidden love, overwhelming love, even lost love. Yet they battle on, meeting every month in the Pairs and Spares Sunday school room to knit, discuss that month’s book selection, and puzzle out their lives.

When Eugenie throws neglected and abused teenager Hannah Simmons into their midst, however, walls decades in the making come crashing down. With secrets thrown on the table amid the tangle of yarn, needles and books, one thing becomes certain: The Sweetgum Knit Lit Society will soon discover what’s most important in the complicated lives they lead.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

no blog today

Visiting Mt Rushmore with family.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Managing Stress With the Help of Your Catholic Faith by Mary Lou Rosien

Last week, I attended the Catholic Marketing Network Conference. The Catholic Writers' Guild, of which I'm President, had a booth, so several of us attended to do signings and talk up our books. Naturally, we all traded, and I now have the happy if overwhelming task of reading some terrific Catholic writing by new friends.

On the flight home, I read Managing Stress with the Help of your Catholic Faith by Mary Lou Rosien. Mary Lou, a former social worker, runs a large homeschooling family. Several of her children have learning disabilities, as well. She learned the effects of stress the hard way--when it caused her to develop heart arrhythmia. Imagine bending down to tie your child's shoes and not being able to breathe! Years have passed since this incident and I found Mary Lou to be happy, almost bubbly, incredibly in love with her family and RELAXED!

A lot of her information I already knew from my own reading on handling stress, but I enjoyed seeing the application to the Bible and the examples of the lives of the saints. This is a book I'll be requiring my daughter to read, especially.

Experiencing stress can be frustrating, upsetting, or downright debilitating. Managing it, however, can provide a new source of energy, accomplishment -- and everyday application of the Faith.

Managing Stress with the Help of Your Catholic Faith helps readers confront, understand, and overcome challenges. Through the teachings and Traditions of the Church, it explores the causes of stress, explains ways to identify personal stress triggers, and delivers realistic, helpful tools for coping.

Written for individuals and support groups, this practical resource covers:

* A better understanding of stress and human suffering
* Innovative ways to break the cyclical nature of stress
* Discovering the stress-reducing impact of receiving Christ in the Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation
* Finding comfort and release in prayer
* Taking an outside perspective to avoid stress-induced selfishness

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Sunday, August 03, 2008

CFRB Presents Chion by Darryl Sloan

A perilous journey through the strangest apocalypse ...

First came the snow. Then came the screams. Six hundred and fifty pupils, confined to their classrooms, waiting impatiently for the break-time bell to ring, eager to rush outdoors for a snowball slugfest. But when the first foot crosses over the doorway to the playground, something goes terribly wrong: the boy is strangely powerless to prevent himself from falling ... and then screaming.

If the pupils thought being restricted to a classroom for half an hour was hard, all of them are now about to get a lesson in the real meaning of the word “confinement.” No one can leave the building. Not now, not when school’s over, not tonight, and not tomorrow. It’s the same story all across the country, in every school, every workplace, every home, every vehicle: death is waiting outdoors.

No one knows whether the phenomenon is a freak weather condition, a chemical weapon, or a divine curse. One thing is certain: what’s lying outside is not snow. And unlike snow, it is not melting away.

Tensions escalate as the dreadful reality dawns. What will happen when our food runs out? How can we be rescued if we’re merely a handful among millions? How can the rescue services function when vehicles can’t use roads and aircraft have nowhere to land? How will anyone anywhere survive?

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