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The Messiah Interviews by Jerry Pollock

Ever since the Creation of Adam and Eve, man has grappled with knowing whether life exists after death. Because humans achieve the possible, while God accomplishes the impossible, only the Creator knows our fate and destiny at the End of Days. Scientist Jerry Pollock weaves his Messiah Interviews story of an imperfect life on Earth with an imaginative account of being interviewed in Heaven to be the Messiah. The writing becomes a testament to Divine morality, and to finding truth and sincerity in one's heart. As readers embark on a journey of knowledge and understanding, they'll join Jerry on an exploration of the implications of biblical history on our modern world. Through a series of unexplainable events, Jerry empowers readers to decide if an additional personal spiritual effort is worth making in this life, in order to possibly gain entrance to an uncertain futuristic Garden of Eden, the Messianic Age. In a process of the dreamlike interviews with biblical personalities *the angel Gabriel, Methuselah, Chanoch, Seth, King David, Moses, Jacob, Abraham and the prophet Isaiah *Jerry is forced to bear his soul and his own hidden demons. As human beings, we are all flawed.That's how the Creator made us. During the course of reading the book, readers have the opportunity to ponder the improvement of their own imperfections, in order to meet the requirements set out in the Messiah Interviews for admission into a future blissful life at the End of Days. The book is God-centered and discusses, briefly or at length, various topics, including The Ten Commandments, Creation, Evolution, Good and Evil, Primal Therapy, Bipolar Disorder, Resurrection, Aging, Twelve Tribes of Israel, Monotheistic Religions, Third Temple, Messiah, and the Messianic Age.

Rebel in Blue Jeans by Beverly Stowe McLure

What’s a girl to do when her mother runs away with the drummer in a rock band, her friendly relationship with the boys on the neighboring ranch starts to change, and a handsome college guy takes an interest in her? Sixteen-year-old Rebel Ferguson faces these challenges with courage and humor and decides to do three things:

1. Bring her mother home where she belongs.
2. Show her neighbors, Will and Sully Garret, she’s not interested in a serious relationship with either of them.
3. Prove to the Garrets, and to herself, that Rick, the cute college guy, is a gentleman.

Nothing turns out the way Rebel plans, however, and she discovers that people are not always what they seem, and she’s a lousy judge of character. If only humans were as trustworthy and dependable as her puppies, cat, and horses. Can she forgive everyone who has disappointed her?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Trouble Finds Rooter and Snuffle by Shari Lyle-Soffe

In the third book of the Rooter and Snuffle series, children will enjoy three more stories of raccoon brothers Rooter and Snuffle and their friends. Join them as they learn what we all can do to protect wildlife, how to recognize a true friend, and that each of us is special in our own way.

Interview with Shari:

l. Why did you write this book?
I loved being read to as a child and I love animals. The two seem to go together. The stories are partly inspired by my childhood as the oldest of four children and life in the Redwoods of Northern California.
2. What was the hardest part of writing this?
Trying to be sympathetic to the little brother. My little brother tormented me and I got blamed for anything he did wrong.
3. What's your favorite part?
I loved writing the Pity Party. As a child I had very low self esteem, I needed friends to tell me what was good about me.
4. What do you hope readers will get from reading this book?
Enjoyment, self esteem, an appreciation of the power they have to make changes.
5. What's next for you?
My picture book "Nothing Stops Noah" will be out soon, and then "A Horse Of Course" after that. I hope to find time to get back to writing. My life has been so busy lately I haven't had much time for the part I love the most.

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CSFF Presents: Book of Names by D. Barkley Briggs

Ancient portals. Myth and magic. What if the old legends were true?

After tragedy strikes, teen brothers Hadyn and Ewan Barlow must adjust to a depressing new life. But when a secret viking runestone opens the door to a world in peril, they are given a choice: join the battle or never find their way home.

In the Hidden Lands of Karac Tor, names are being stolen. Darkness spreads. As strange new powers awaken within, will the Barlows reluctantly answer the call to fight? Or will they succumb to Nemesia’s dark spell and join the Lost...forever.

D. Barkley Briggs’s Web site –
D. Barkley Briggs’s blog –

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Interview with Harry E. Gilleland

Why did you write this book? I am a poet. I look at the world and write poems about things that catch my eye, things about which I have something to say, hopefully in a way that brings a fresh perspective to it. I want to both entertain and challenge my readers. I want them to stop and think, as well as become emotionally engaged. I want the reader to become teary-eyed, to smile or laugh, or to be pensive over different poems. As a poet I write constantly about life and events in it. Whenever I have a large enough collection of new poetry, I publish another book. This is my third collection of my personal poetry.

What was the hardest part of writing this? The hardest part is becoming satisfied with each poem as written and not wanting to perfect it more. After so many small edits and word substitutions, a poet has to release it to the world and see if it flies.

What's your favorite part? My favorite part is holding the completed book in my hands. It gives me quite a sense of satisfaction and hope.

What do you hope readers will get from reading this book? First of all, I hope they get a few hours of pleasure and enjoyment. I want my poetry to be an entertaining read. Then, I hope the reader becomes engaged by what he/she reads. Emotionally, I'd like for the reader to feel something stir inside them, be it a tear or a smile or laughter. Then, I want them to take time to think about their feelings and beliefs regarding the topic of the poem. I try to make my work thought-provoking. A good poem is one that the reader thinks about later. A good poetry book is a collection that the reader wants to re-read and to share with friends and family. I hope readers will get that feelings about my book.

What's next for you? More observing everyday life and passing events and writing poetry inspired by what I see. Look for a new collection of my poetry to be published in another three years or so, if all goes well with my writing.

Poetic Musings Of an Old, Fat Man by Harry E. Gilleland

Within its 172 pages, Poetic Musings of an Old, Fat Man contains a large sampling of Harry E. Gilleland's poetry, including storoems (rhyming story poems), limericks, acrostic poems, and free verse poems. This collection offers hours of enjoyment as it makes the reader think, feel, and ponder life. The next poem may make the reader laugh or perhaps will bring a tear to the eye. The various subjects addressed will both surprise and delight. This is a collection both to own and to give as a gift, as it will surely be read and re-read. It continues in the footsteps of Harry Gilleland's previous two published poetry collections. Poetic Musings of an Old, Fat Man has received numerous 5-star reviews praising its poetic merit. Its everyday topics and looks at life make it enjoyable even to readers who normally don't read poetry.

Leran more at

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Dear Authors

I am glad to post information and links about your book on my blog. However, please contact me directly with the information instead of posting an ad for you book in the comments of someone else's post. The post is for their book.

You can find information about how to get on VBTdeNet on the bar on the right.

Karina Fabian

Interview with Lisa Dunster Moeller

What are the ‘Common Threads Journals’?

They are a unique line of journals that were created as a tool to help people connect with one another. Each journal has a unique theme, but all are meant to be shared and have more than one owner. They use journal writing as a way to identify the common threads we share with the people around us, and then allow us to connect with those people by sharing the journals and our thoughts and feelings that are contained within them.

How did you come up with the concept?

It was a combination of things. The driving force behind the idea was my desire to help two friends who were suffering from the pain caused by divorce. Having been through a divorce myself, I expected that I would be able to relate to them in ways that others couldn't and could perhaps even help by sharing my experience with them. What I learned was that although I could truly empathize with their pain, the advice I had to offer wasn't always what they needed to hear. It occurred to me then that what I really needed was a way to collect all the things other people had said to me during that difficult time in my own life and pass those bits of wisdom on to them in a way that allowed them to choose what they wanted o n their own terms. That’s essentially how the fist Common Threads Journal came to be.

You have expressed your concern over a “great disconnect” in our society. What do you mean by that?

It is my way of describing the barriers that we each create in order to shield ourselves from the daily assault of negative images we receive through the media. It's something we all do to keep the bad news from taking over our hearts and minds, but it also causes us to isolate ourselves.

Why do you think this is happening?

As a society we have become desensitized. The unfortunate result of that protection mechanism is that we become disconnected from more than just the negative images in the media; we begin to disconnect from our neighbors and community members (both locally and globally). After awhile it becomes easy to ignore and pass up the opportunities we have to make small positive changes in the lives of others.

How do you hope Common Threads Journals can help overcome this problem?

I believe that even the smallest of solutions can have an impact on the biggest of problems. I certainly don't expect to fix the world with this idea, but I do believe the journals will help people to create connections with one another that inspire them to express caring and compassion instead of fear or indifference.

What is the most important message you want these journals to convey to others?

We all have something to contribute to this world; reaching out to others, connecting and sharing a piece of your own life story is something we all can do to help bridge the gap of the "great disconnect."

Do you have plans for more journals?

Yes, I have plans for several more journals in the series, and two of them are scheduled to be released in 2009.

“Happily Ever After” is a wonderful way to celebrate the joyous union of two people. Whether you want to record the events from the proposal to the honeymoon, a landmark anniversary, or just the everyday moments that make you fall in love all over again, the pages of this journal are ready for your memories. The happy couple, and even their family and friends, can capture the multitude of special moments that make up a lifetime full of love.

“Preserving Family Memories” is the second book due out next year. It is the perfect way to remember special family times together. It might be a trip, a party, a life moment, or just the day-to-day telling of what makes a family a family, the ties that bind, the joy and laughter, the tears and triumphs, and why this family unit is special and unique…an intimate way to preserve and pass down those special moments.

For more information about the book or the author, contact:

Storybook Acres Press
PO Box 245
Everson, WA 98247

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Common Threads Journal Series by Lisa Dunster Moeller

“Common threads run through us all,” says Moeller. “They are the human connections we share through the universal experiences of love, loss, triumph and tragedy. By reaching out to others and sharing on a level that goes beyond the surface, we learn to celebrate the things that unite us and make us one.”

Filled with constructive examples, inspirational messages, and plenty of room for writing, each Common Threads Journal offers contributors the opportunity to share and pass on their insights and experiences.

Healing a Life Unraveled addresses personal crisis and loss by providing an instructive model on how to unlock the pain of tragedy through journal writing. Additional journals are planned, each with a different approach to the central themes of communication and connectedness.

Celebrating the Holidays is a creative way to share the rich and meaningful experiences of this special time of year with family and friends. Filled with personal examples, inspirational messages, and plenty of room for writing, this unique journal makes a treasured keepsake or meaningful gift.

Lisa Dunster Moeller was raised in a small town by loving parents who instilled in her the importance of service to others. Currently, she works as an administrative specialist for a municipal police department in Washington State, and manages the family pumpkin farm with her husband. The author is available for readings, signings, workshops and other public appearances.

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A Dragon's Eye View Newsletter Now Out!

I've started a newsletter about my DragonEye, PI universe that I love to write about. A Dragon's Eye View comes out bi-monthly and includes a short article from me, a rant from Vern, Faerie Facts and special offers. It's available to DragonEye, PI members, so sign up today.

In the inaugural issue:

* How Karina came up with the idea for DragonEye, PI
* Vern rants about human misconceptions regarding dragons
* Vern's explanation of the Faerie World (from Magic, Mensa and Mayhem, coming March 2009 from Swimming Kangaroo)
* Special offers and events

Sneak Peak:

* I am not a fire hazard. I can control my fire better than you can control your bowels, thank you very much. Also, it took me over 800 years of service to earn my fire back--I am not going to lose it because you annoyed me, forgot the title of my book, called me a dinosaur, whatever. I can deal with you in other ways.

SpiritChili, Recipes For Life by Tony Haynes

Tony Haynes a/k/a “The World’s Greatest Poet,” brings you SpiritChili, Recipes For Life. This is the most profound book of its kind. With SpiritChili, Haynes uses acrostic poetry as his tool to deliver an additional spiritual insight within each body of work. He offers a more scenic trip down the road towards enlightenment. SpiritChili is a thick, rich, warm & spicy stew created to feed you spiritually.

Over the last 27 years, Tony has been a songwriter, music publisher, record producer and author. His songs have been recorded on over 200 albums, selling in excess of 70 million copies worldwide. He’s written 34 children’s books based on Warner Bros Characters.

Tony says “this transition into writing from a more spiritual perspective has enabled me to dig deeper within myself and tap into a higher source of inspiration. For me, touching the heart & soul is what it’s all about.”

SpiritChili, Recipes For Life has its own social network (see In this environment, people from all over the world, different faiths and walks of life can interact and share ideas and sample additional recipes for life spiritually, in the form of food for thought, through SpiritChili, brought to you by Tony Haynes.

SpiritChili, Recipes For Life will touch you spiritually. It's a quick and easy read that stays with you for a lifetime.

For additional information, visit, or

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CFRB presents Seabird by Sherry Thompson

About the Book:
When high school senior Cara Marshall is transported to Narenta, she is proclaimed champion of its people against the daemagos-a cadre of sorcerers. Amid the grateful welcomes, Cara protests that neither the title nor the mission are hers.

"They've got the wrong person and they're going to get me killed because they won't admit it."

Is Cara's world-napping a mistake? The daemagos don't care as long as she's
dead. Cara's brief attempt at finding a way home mutates into a nightmarish
blur of hiding and flight from remorseless enemies. Pursued by ruthless werewright warriors, vicious serpent-hawks, and the sorcerers, she is simultaneously overwhelmed by the trust the Narentan people show in her alleged power as the Outworlder and their champion. In whom dare she place her own trust when assassins lurk in the shadows amidst those who welcome her?

As she races across an eerie and perilous ancient world in search of the daemagos' secret power, Cara must also find the strength to face tragedy, grief and doubt. With little time left to aid the Tethran kingdom and her remaining companions, Cara grapples to perceive the essence of a hero's heart and make it her own.

Grounded in the tradition of C.S. Lewis, this character-driven first installment of The Narentan Tumults is an epic tale of adventure, courage and faith.

About the Author:
Sherry writes: The broad framework for all of my planned Narentan Tales was inspired by Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia and by the mythopoeic writings of the Inklings. With Narenta, I envision a relationship between worlds resembling the one Lewis used but with my target audience both young adults and adults. I love The Chronicles of Narnia! They were the final step that led me to Christ. Even so, I've often wished Lewis had paused before writing The Last Battle to allow some teens and young people to visit Narnia before he wrote its "final" -- or "first true" chapter.

Visit Sherry's Scribblings (blog), her Author Profile at Red Room, and her Home Page.

Check out these other member blogs this week for more info.

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Symmetry by Joyce Sterling Scarbrough

When Jessica Cassady's husband attends a sportswriters' convention and she calls his hotel room in the middle of the night, a woman answers the phone. Lee swears things aren't what they seem, but Jess kicks him out. While she's deciding whether or not to forgive him, she realizes her hair pulling is more than just a nervous habit and finds out she has a condition called trichotillomania. As if that's not enough to deal with, her domineering mother shows up for a surprise visit. Jess tries to avoid her mother's disapproval by attempting to conceal her marriage problems.

While Lee works to win Jess back, things grow even more complicated when she runs into Noah Hamilton, a sweet, unassuming history teacher from her past. Jess's interest in Noah makes her think that maybe--as her best friend Deb loves to tell her--she needs to forego the beefcake brigade and give the sensitive type a try. Conflict escalates when Lee realizes just how much he's lost in losing his wife. Sparks fly as these two polar opposites on the testosterone scale compete for Jess's affection.

Will Jess be able to find her emotional center, decide which man is right for her and finally achieve the symmetry she craves in every aspect of her life?

Read the first chapters:
Joyce's Blog:

Interview with Joyce:

Why did you write this book? I wanted to create a character who would be a positive role model for people with trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling.) I also wanted to write an entertaining, humorous story about a young woman going through a trying time in her life.

What was the hardest part? Finding the right balance between making the story entertaining and showing the difficulty of dealing with the hair-pulling disorder. I didn't want it to sound like a public service announcement, but I wanted to do justice to the issue. It's very important to me since I have the disorder as well.

What was easiest or most fun? The love/hate relationship between the heroine Jess and her estranged husband Lee. He's the kind of man who could make anyone pull out their hair! And since Lee is the Master of Malaprops, his dialogue was a hoot to write. You never know what is going to come out of his mouth!

What do you hope people get from your book? Naturally, I hope they enjoy the story and like meeting the characters, but I also hope this book will become popular so that it will raise awareness of trichotillomania in the general public and help remove the stigma from it. It's a disorder that affects over 40 million people worldwide, but very few people really know anything about it.

How do you want to be remembered as an author? I want my characters to be remembered as if they are real people, because they're all real to me.

What's next for you?
I'm writing a YA paranormal book. No vampires, just a dead girl with lots of attitude and a penance to pay.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Zooprise Party/Fiesta Zoorpresa by Rebekha Delgado

When Sally the zookeeper wishes Mori the okapi a Happy Birthday, Lito, the nosiest of all the gerenuks, is listening at the fence between the two exhibits. Follow along as he gets Elvis the king vulture to help him plan and pull off a surprise party for Mori. Will Mori be surprised? How will all the animals in the zoo get to the party? Find out in: “Zooprise Party/Fiesta Zoorpresa” by Rebekha Delgado.

“Zooprise Party/Fiesta Zoorpresa” is a delightful, fresh book that is taking children’s literature to a new level! It will be enjoyed in many parts of the world since it is bilingual (in both English and Spanish languages). Not only educational, this book also comes with a fun Activity book and Teacher’s Guide. Look for more in the “Laughing Zebra” series!

Jack Hanna, Director Emeritus, Columbus Zoo
Host, TV’s “Into the Wild”

Rebekha's site: Get free shipping and an autographed copy of the book. Teacher guides are also available here.

Letters to Eric by An Wallace

Letters to Erik, a continuation of Gaston Leroux’s original Phantom of
the Opera story, has been released in paperback.

The author, An Wallace, is respectful and faithful to Leroux's original
story, while coming up with a very original plot. She gives “poor,
unhappy Erik” a second chance with the only woman he has ever loved, and
offers the reader a beautiful, romantic story with sweetness and depth.

It begins shortly after the Opera Ghost sends Christine away to marry
his rival, the handsome young Vicomte Raoul de Chagny. The Ghost, Erik,
makes her promise that she will return to bury him when he dies. Unable
to keep her word and tormented by grief and regret, she starts writing
letters to the man she believes to be dead—only to discover that some
Ghosts can never be laid to rest.

During the course of the book, “the author introduces us to Erik's true
family, deepens his friendship with the mysterious Persian, and ends the
book with a wonderful twist that will make Phantom fans smile the world
over.” (Quote was taken from an online review by "Phantomesque" and provided by An Wallace.)

An's author page: