Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poetic Musings Of an Old, Fat Man by Harry E. Gilleland

Within its 172 pages, Poetic Musings of an Old, Fat Man contains a large sampling of Harry E. Gilleland's poetry, including storoems (rhyming story poems), limericks, acrostic poems, and free verse poems. This collection offers hours of enjoyment as it makes the reader think, feel, and ponder life. The next poem may make the reader laugh or perhaps will bring a tear to the eye. The various subjects addressed will both surprise and delight. This is a collection both to own and to give as a gift, as it will surely be read and re-read. It continues in the footsteps of Harry Gilleland's previous two published poetry collections. Poetic Musings of an Old, Fat Man has received numerous 5-star reviews praising its poetic merit. Its everyday topics and looks at life make it enjoyable even to readers who normally don't read poetry.

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