Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Saving Those Damned Catholics

Saving Those Damned Catholics
By Judie Brown

Saving Those Damned Catholics chronicles the reasons why the current mess within the Catholic Church is not something that should surprise anyone, whether Catholic, Protestant, or just curious. After all, as the story unfolds you will learn how a bureaucracy has replaced individual commitment; and how politics has become far too appealing to the majority of Catholic bishops. It is no surprise that Americans scoff at Catholic teachings on birth control, abortion and euthanasia. The statistics tell the tale: most Catholics don’t know what the Church teaches on these matters of life and death, and if they do, they choose to disagree and – ho-hum – the hierarchy moves on.

Saving Those Damned Catholics outlines the logic behind the most controversial teachings in the Church today, and exposes the arguments put forth by priests and bishops who clearly do not agree with some of these teachings themselves.

Endorsed by Congressman Robert K. Dornan, New York Post columnist Roy Kerrison, Human Life International president Father Tom Euteneuer, Pro-Life Action League founder Joe Scheidler and others, this riveting book tells a story of intrigue, disappointment, frustration and heroism. Calling the nation’s bishops to lead the flock toward Christ, Brown pulls no punches in recounting the facts.

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