Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Angelos by Robina Williams

Title: Angelos
Author: Robina Williams
ISBN: 1-933353-60-0
Genre: Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Retail Price: U.S. $16.95
Publisher: Twilight Times Books

Distributor: Midpoint Trade Books
Publication Date: May 15, 2006
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Author's Website:
Summary of Angelos:

Quant, the cat, is back!

The Minotaur is a quiet home-loving creature. So he's not too happy when a falling rock in the lower reaches of his labyrinth bounces off his head, giving him a splitting headache and flinging him through time and space. He's relieved to find his horns haven't been broken, but where in Zeus's name has he landed up?

Brother Jerome, pottering around in the friary shed, is suddenly hurled through red-hot air into a maze of corridors, all of which seem to lead him to a room containing human bones. Where is he now? Terrified, and desperate to be rescued before he's eaten by a monster, he yells for Quant.

When the quantum cat turns up, he's short-tempered with Jerome, telling him there's no monster, and anyway what does he mean by 'now'? Time, as he shows the friar, is a somewhat fluid concept.

Meantime, the friary's new Guardian, Fr. Aidan, is also journeying—through his dark night of the soul, and wondering if he will ever see the light again.

Two storylines united at the end of the book by Quant, the Lord’s seraphic envoy—the angelos of the title.

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