Friday, April 06, 2007

Marketing ISIG--The Real Work Begins

You'd think the real work in compiling and editing an anthology like Infinite Space, Infinite God would be in the gathering of stories, the copy-editing, the research in the introductions, and the selling it to a publisher.

Oh, no. That's the easy part.

The hard part is finding the readers who will want to lay down the $18 for a copy--or convincing potential readers that your book is worth $18.

I didn't know a thing about marketing, but fortunately, my publisher Lida at TwilightTimes Books is full of ideas. She also directed me to the MuseOnline writers conference. And I got bit by the bug.

Since that fateful October, I've been a marketing hound--media releases, websites, networking, workshops… You name it, I'm doing it or trying to learn about it. About the only thing I can't do is wander around town with a book in my hand and a sign saying--"Did Work for Fame--buy my book." And I'm having a great time.

The things that have been the most fun:
--The website: I've got interviews, photos, events, summaries and reviews--and I'm glad to add anything else I can. It took several hours and a lot of hair-tearing to get it done, but now that it's up, I love it. I update it at least twice a week, too, so go check out what's new.
--FabChat. This started out as a separate thing. I'd seen another conference buddy make a chat on her site and it seemed like a great way to give authors a chance to talk about their works. I also attend the Writers' Chat Room author chats. So I decided to add that for some of my friends, too. It grew so fast, I finally had to select a regular day and time or it was going to take over! FabChat meets Thursdays at 8 PM EST. go to and click on FabChat. (There's a list of guests so you can see who's guest of honor. I'm booked into August!)
--The Book Trailer. Here's another hair-puller, but one I enjoyed and am eager to try again. With Window's Movie Maker and some cobbled-together graphics and royalty-free photos, I actually made my own movie! That is so cool! (Look on March 31st's entry to see it.)

What's great about this, too, is that I can apply the lessons I'm learning now to every book I write--and even those I haven't written yet. I've got a great character and world: a private detective dragon in a fantasy noir universe. Dragon Eye, PI, has a few short stories out, but already I have a website and am starting the publicity train. Check him out at Vern (the dragon) blogs once a month, and there's a mystery serial you can read.

I'm still hard at work, with sell sheets and review requests. I'm like a dog with a favorite squeak toy. Last week, when I spoke to my publisher, she told me, "Slow down until June at least! The book isn't even out yet." So I'm trying to calm down some.

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