Thursday, April 05, 2007

Storm by Joyce Anthony

Today and Tomorrow, I'm touring Storm by Joyce Anthony as well as Infinite Space, infinite God. Look later for another behind-the scenes post about the ISIG's title (and why I say ISIG nowadays). In the meantime, enjoy the Storm.

What do a prostitute, an abused child, a disillusioned minister, a Vietnam Vet and a homosexual have in common? These and many others find their lives changed when they meet Storm and his companion, an amethyst-eyed dog named Maggie. As you follow Storm on his journey to discover his true identity, you will meet many of society’s forgotten people. You will laugh, cry and get angry—whatever the emotion, you will feel deeply. When Storm realizes who he is and why he is here, the world is completely changed and not one soul remains untouched. Upon closing the covers of this book, you will see the world around you in a far different light and find yourself wondering—is it really fiction?

Multi-published author Janet Elaine Smith stated, “This book will not leave you alone. It will fill you with passion, compassion, faith and a zest for life unequal to anything you have ever imagined…This is a must read for readers of all ages. To miss it is to ignore the best book you will probably ever read.”

Marvin D. Wilson, author of I Romanced the Stone, said, “In an age when ‘God’ has become a four letter word, and in a contemporary society that by and large considers all things Biblical to be babble, author Joyce Anthony brings us home to all things spiritual and meaningful with this charming and insightful story… Plan on a few hours of uninterrupted trance-like reading, you won’t want to do anything else except keep turning the pages once you’ve started.”

Joyce Anthony shares her Pennsylvania home with her teenaged son and mini-zoo. She has written numerous articles and has published one short story. She is one of the founders of WINGS, an advocacy group. When not writing, Joyce spends time home schooling her son and working on her photography. She is currently working on her next book, Spirit of the Stallion. A portion of all royalties from Storm will be donated to StopItNow.

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