Thursday, December 06, 2007

Twisted Fairy Tales, edited by Julie Darcy

I am pleased to announce the release of “Twisted Fairy Tales” by Eternal Press. Familiar children’s stories re-written for adults. Sometimes weird, sometimes sexy. (Warning: some stories are erotica. Eternal Press rates this 3.5 hearts. (Their erotica usually rates in flames.)


Sindarella by Lisa Logon (Mild Erotica)
Man Hunt by Sally Odgers
The Christmas Present by Lisa Logan (Erotic)
Mirror, Mirror by Rob Rosen
Rapunzel By Yu-Han Chao(Erotica)
How Cats Lost the Power of Speech by Joshua Babcock
It Can’t Be Mine by Jane Toombs
Three Twisted Fairytails By Kandy Phair
Pebbles in the Stream by Richard E Friesen
Cinders By Karina L. Fabian
Angel with an Attitude by D. J. Sylvis
I Holler Hot Dog By Jane Toombs

My own story, “Cinders” is definitely in the weird category.

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