Monday, February 11, 2008

Holiday Writes by Betty Dobson

An eclectic mix of essays, poetry, and fiction celebrating the many holidays celebrated around the world and throughout the year.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, Karina.

We've got a great bunch of writers for this, our first anthology, and they deserve every bit of recognition possible.

Betty Dobson
InkSpotter Publishing

Carolyn Howard-Johnson said...

I think Betty did a great job of putting together a book that neglects nary a single holiday including the equinox--if that can be called a holiday. (-: Read a comlete review at, too. BTW, love the cover.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Roberta said...

Hats off to Betty Dobson! I've enjoyed being a part of this international book project.

Roberta Beach Jacobson

BookChook said...

It's great to be part of a project that recognizes thought-provoking writing can also be entertaining.

Susan Stephenson

Unknown said...

Thanks Betty for putting it all together-it was great being a part of the project.

Janet Caplan

Mary Cook said...

I feel tuly privileged to have been involved in this exciting project.
Many thanks to Betty for all her hard work in creating a high quality finished project.

Unknown said...

Thanks to Betty for pulling all of these great stories and poetry together! I'm thrilled to be a part of Holiday Writes!