Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Interview with Marvin Zimmerman

Why did I write The Ovum Factor?

It was a story that came to me in a dream ten years ago and its message has only grown in importance with the advance of climate change and ecological destruction all around us.

What was my favorite part of writing this book?

The Ovum Factor
is an eco-thriller, pulsating with risks and dilemmas for the young protagonist, David Rose. Putting his story into words allowed me to live through all the drama and adventure along the way.

What was most difficult?

Deciding how the love interest between David and beautiful Chinese biochemist, Emily Zhang, would resolve itself.

What is the next thing I want readers to know about my work?

My novels will aim to spin compelling tales of love and intrigue, against the backdrop of the major issue facing humanity today - our very survival in the face of ongoing environmental degradation.

What is next for me?

My second novel - The Last Noble Truth - is just about finished and I hope to have it published before the end of this year.

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