Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Magic, Mensa and Mayhem Virtual Book Tour

I'm touring this month for Magic, Mensa and Mayhem. If you're interested in the book or want to learn more about Vern; or if you are wondering what a virtual book tour is, please check out some of the stops.

If you're interested in doing your own tour, check out the Virtual book tour primer on Look under The Marketing Mentor for it. I am also teaching how to do it. It's a paid course, but at the end you'll have scheduled your own tour and know how to do it in the future.


2: tour announced on,,
--Interview with Jane Lebak:
--Live interview on Snark Infested Waters with Taylor Kent, 9:30-10:30 PM EDT at

3: Interview with Vern on Larion Will's website:
--Guest blog on character creation on

4: Interview about Florida and Gater Louie scenes:
--Information about Magic, Mensa and Mayhem at New Book News,

5: Information and interview of Vern;

6: Quotes from the characters of MM&M:
--Interview on

7: Interview at
--Worldbuilding post and interview on

10-11 EST Second Life: Meet & Greet
To get to the meeting: They can then click on the link that says teleport now and that will open their software and after logging and they land in my living room. We will also have the surf boards out so that after the meeting we can surf around the marina. Also just on the other side of the marina is a Christian "night club" called Grizzlies where they can dance and mingle. Or they can just hang around and chat at my place.

--Review at

9: Interview with the content editor:

10: Interview
--Talking about blog tours at

11: Review:

12: Plotting MM&M on Writer Wow:
--Interview on Imperfect Clarity

13: Interview with Nancy Famolari:

14: Book review; The Fairy Ring'
--Book Review:
--Interview on Mommyblog, Mama Bear Knows Best

8 PM EST: Live chat at Author! Author!

15: Book Signing at Minot AFB BX 10-2
--Interview at
--TWEET TOUR: -- Look for #mm&m

16: Interview with the copy editor:

17: Guest post about writing funny on Ascroft, eh?
--Talking about worldbuilding: Speculative Friction

18: Book Signing at Minot AFB BX 10-2
--Review by CF Vici:
--On blog with Karen

19: Interview and Review (Up through 26th)
--Tweet Tour: reviews and mentions

20: interview and review

21: Guest column on worldbuilding:
--Interview with Deb:


23: Excerpt:

24: Review with Cathi Hassan:

25: Interview with Cathi Hassan:

26: Review and interview on Wayfarer's Journal Blog Review:

27: Vern interview on "Scribblings":

28: Review

--Vern interviewed on

30: MM&M Trivia contest: Note: you'll need to have read the book.

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