Monday, January 21, 2008

Small Town Secrets by Billie A Williams

Fires rage across the tiny town of Nettlesville. Someone is bent on burning it down too the ground one building at a time. Can Chaneeta and Olga bury their rivalry long enough to stop the arsonist before the town is nothing but ashes, or will Chaneeta's secret past destroy her and possibly the town?"

Read the first chapter and an interview with excerpts.

Available from Wings ePress, Inc
or any books store.
ISBN 978-1-59705-766-0 Print
978-1-59705-283-2 electronic download in several formats


Cora said...

Made it, it is 9pm PT, Monday. I read the first chapter, and looking forward to reading the rest. Also thought I would leave a message for your Cookbook, didn't get it yet.

Bob Blackman said...


This is just to welcome Billie tomorrow to the United Kingdom, where her virtual book tour continues at Bob Blackman's Anarchadia book blog

I have a virtual comfy chair and a virtual cup of tea by way of a welcome. Or, as you are from the good ole US of stateside, coffee may be more to your taste.

Bob Blackman