Monday, September 08, 2008

CFRB Presents: Come to Me by Laura Davis

Can you imagine what it would be like, to travel back in time to the moment Christ was born, or perhaps witness his childhood? What would you do if you could journey to the cross and watch Jesus die for your sins? Come to Me offers readers the opportunity to experience these events first-hand from the eyes of His mother.

It is eleven years after Jesus’ resurrection and his mother Mary waits for a visit from the Apostle Luke. Intent on hearing a personal account of Jesus’ life, Luke sets about recording Mary’s words. The Apostle Matthew soon joins them and the two men begin to record the foundations of their Gospels. Told in two parts, Mary reveals with humour and warmth what it was like to raise the Savior of the world. Did Jesus perform miracles when He was a child? Did He know He was the Son of God?
In part two, Mary is nearing the end of her life and meeting with Luke once again. Only this time Luke is accompanying her to Ephesus to spend her final days with the Apostle John. Mary begins to share her story once again, this time focusing on the ministry of Jesus, His relationships with His family and friends, and of course His death and resurrection. What were Jesus’ final thoughts as he hung on the cross? What happened to Mary in her final days?

Come to Me explores surrendering to God’s will when circumstances seem impossible. It will provide those who are seeking to know Christ with a better understanding of who He is and for those who know Him already, it will encourage their faith.

Laura Davis is a former singer/songwriter with over 25 years in Contemporary Christian Music. After a surgical mistake caused her to lose her voice, Mrs. Davis began to write. She has since appeared on the Canadian Christian Television program 100 Huntley St., where she shared her story on surrendering to God’s will when your dreams are shattered. She has received positive reviews on her debut novel Come to
and is currently working on a sequel. Laura and her husband Jim live in London, Ontario.

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