Thursday, September 18, 2008

Would You Like to Join Me on Book Tour?

In addition to touring other people's books on this site, I tour my own books on other people's blogs. I have two book tours coming up in November:

Leaps of Faith
, an anthology of Christian Sci-Fi, comes out in November from The Writers Cafe Press. What's your vision of the future? Come explore worlds and futures where faith and science do not compete, but compliment each other. From travelers lost in space depending on faith to survive to a genetically engineered, yet divinely inspired miracle, Leaps of Faith is sure to satisfy the most discerning sci-fi and Christian reader.

Firestorm of Dragons, an anthology of fantasy stories with dragon themes, is already out by DragonMoon Press. Dragons like you've never seen them before—from an extreme sport to a down-and-out private detective to a door-to-door evangelist; or for the more serious, dragons as heroes, victims and the mysterious result of an obsession. This collection is secular and one story makes it inappropriate for readers under 16 IMHO. It's a great anthology for dragon lovers—super creative and fun.

Since these are anthologies, which means around over a dozen authors each, I've started Yahoo groups where I have the info posted and you can interview any author you wish. However, if you prefer to not use the group, you can simply work with me. I'd just like to get word out about these terrific new anthologies.

Remember, too, if you ahve a book you want to tour, contact me (karina(at) with the information!

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Happy to host you over at anytime.