Monday, September 22, 2008

CSFF Presents: Marcher Lord Press, a Christian Speculative Fiction Publishing Company

This month, rather than highlight a book, we're letting people know about a new publishing company, Marcher Lord Press, which is dedicated to bringing readers quality speculative fiction with a strong Christian worldview. Jeff Gerke, publisher, saw a need for the genre stuff that the usual Christian publishers and genre publishers generally won't touch, and is now providing those stories to you. So if you like horror, sci-fi or fantasy but don't want the usual Godlessness or witch/wicca angles, check out their bookstore.

This is a great time for it, too! Their grand opening is October first, and they are having drawings for great prizes (including a trip to ComicCon!) and free gifts with each purchase.

Marcher Lord Press:

What is it that sets Marcher Lord Press apart from every other Christian publishing company?

If you're curious about the industry—or you think you might want to become a Marcher Lord Press author—this is an essential question.

The most obvious thing that sets Marcher Lord Press apart is the kind of fiction it concentrates on. No other Christian publishing company is dedicated to nothing but Christian speculative fiction.

What is Christian speculative fiction, you ask? It's the "weird" stuff: fantasy, science fiction, time travel, spiritual warfare, alternate history, chillers, superhero fiction, near-future technothrillers, and supernatural thrillers. All the Christian stories that are off the edge of the map.

Marcher Lord Press: .
Jeff Gerke's Web site, WhereTheMapEnds: .

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Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Hey, Karina. Nice post. Thanks for your participation in the tour. It's great that so many spec writers are supporting Jeff's efforts.