Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dragon Lord of Kells by Brenda Weaver

1092 Ireland--a time when magic and myths should only be legends of the ancestors, yet down in the angry mists of the dark forest of Muir, Rowan of Locks Glen stumbles into a trap. He is the last of his kind. A fierce and mighty Dragon Lord that time has seemed to have forgotten. As Rowan is fighting for his very life, thoughts of his life flash before him, making him even more aware that he should have taken a wife to ensure the lineage of his blood. As a throng of arrows whip through his body, he is unable to forgive himself that error as all goes black.

Kira, a healer from an ancient clan of elves stumbles across Rowan’s prone body. She is shocked to recognize him as the protector of her people. She finds him barely alive, hides him, starts to heal him and takes him to her cottage where, she hoped, he would be safe. While there, Rowan thinks she would make him a good wife and asks her to be his life mate. She at first refuses for she feels unworthy, but, she was born to protect this mighty Dragon Lord. What better way to protect him than to be constantly by his side.

Will this marriage of convenience find a way to bring two lonely hearts together as one? Or will the evil of man and wizard alike, pull them apart forever.

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Brenda J Weaver said...

Thanks Karina for posting this! I am sorry I didn't make it on here but I had surgery and couldn't get to the computer but still I appreciate the exposure!