Saturday, May 16, 2009

Review Wrap-Up for Magic Mensa and Mayhem

I'd like to thank all the folks who participated in the Magic, Mensa and Mayhem blog tour in April. Because of house-hunting, moving and a sudden (and paying!) assignment, I didn't get a chance to post these earlier, but here are the reviews from the tour.

Reviews Mad About Magic, Mensa and Mayhem

"This book will take you back to times long past, when a bedtime story had you begging for 'just one more chapter'." Joyce Anthony in Books and Authors

"Ms. Fabian peppers her story with wry social commentary and puns galore, assuring a chuckle on almost every page... I’d recommend this book on its entertainment merits alone, but something else struck me as I finished the last few pages. Underneath all the yuks and puns and magical farce is a very profound story of personal transformation..." Frederation

"... thoroughly entrancing... this book is just plain fun. Lots of humor, weird and wonderful imaginings, and a cast of characters that'll have you splitting your sides." Peter Grant

"good, clean fun. If you love dragons, elves, pixies and other Faerie folk, make sure to put this on your list of books to read." Penny Ehrenkranz

"This book is an inspired read. Fabian writes with a quick witted fresh approach that will keep you thoroughly entertained and rolling on the floor laughing. You have to pay attention – you don’t want to miss any of the humorous one-liners or groan-worthy puns in this truly enjoyable tale." Ask a Cybrarian Book Reviews

"In true intellectual style, many topics are sideswiped, considered, and passed by on the helter-skelter ride to the climax - issues such as temporal philosophy, interspecies morality, the Inner Child, and even semi-professional counseling as Vern comforts a failed wannabe actor. ... a tall tale destined to become a part of modern legend if the reading public has any sense, and a real-world fantasy with a kick that's as funny as it is preposterous." Grace Bridges

"If you would like a vacation from the real world into a land of pure silliness, this is the book for you." Cindy Emmet Smith

"I DID indeed laugh out loud while reading this book. It's witty, sassy, cynical, and extremely funny. If you're looking for a light-hearted read, full of laughs, puns, and fun, then look no further than Magic, Mensa, and Mayhem!" Caprice Hokstad

"A wonderful mix of gut-wrenching laughter and endearing characters, I've added Ms. Fabian to my must read author list. Well done!" Brynna Curry

"The strength of Fabian's writing lies in creating memorable characters populating improbable plots that seem perfectly credible as you read them. She has the unique ability to wrap a parody around a strong believable plot. ... I can recommend this book heartily, but be warned: Don't read it in a library!" Wayfarer's Journal

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