Monday, May 04, 2009

Savanna's Castle by Martha Hite

Every week the castle drew Savannah like magic.

She longed to have it.

Over the centuries the castle drew others, too. No one until now could see the truth or had the strength of heart to act. Making an unselfish choice is hard, especially for a little girl. Savannah has to decide between having what is her heart's desire, or doing the right thing for someone she doesn't even know.

Learning the secret of the castle pushes Savannah in a difficult direction. Is the secret real or just a story? Should she listen to her heart or her mind?

Written for children in kindergarten through third grade, 'Savannah's Castle' tells the story of a courageous little girl and her moral choice. Set in the modern world, this children’s fantasy is a new look at an old problem.

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