Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Fairy Tale Novels by Regina Doman


If you want to escape with a good book, try these Catholic fairy tales retold by Regina Doman. The Shadow of the Bear, Black as Night, Waking Rose, and the latest book, The Midnight Dancers.

In these contemporary novels for teens and adults you'll find Fighting. Friars. Fire. Dwarves. Dragons. Princes. Priests. Knights. Nuns. Ninjas. Maidens. Miracles. Chases. Escapes. Rescues. Revenge. Torture. True love. All with Catholic characters and themes. The Fairy Tale Novels have sold over 15,000 copies and each title has made Lulu's Monthly Top 100 Sellers List. The third book, Waking Rose, is still on the Lulu All-Time Bestseller list.

If you're looking for romance and excitement without the twisted values so commonly found in contemporary fantasy, check out these adventures by Regina Doman.

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