Friday, June 01, 2007

CFRB Presents: 3rd Covenant by David Brollier

An ex-convict with an agenda and two of NYPD’s finest face off when Father Rierdon is found murdered in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Detectives Nat Adams, homicide, and May K. Wish, crime scene investigator from Manhattan South’s Crime Scene Unit, join forces to track a ruthless killer. Clues seem to point to one man, an ex-convict who has started his own church. As the body count piles up, the pressure is on to resolve the case quickly. Nat struggles, among the carnage, to live the life of a Christian, often failing. The chase is on, covering three states, but will they be able to resolve this case quickly enough? This question seems to mock them as they face a struggle against a religious cult that leaves behind a deadly bayonet as its calling card.

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