Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Light at the Edge of Darkness, edited by Cynthia MacKinnon

Biblical speculative fiction—a real mouthful to describe this lost genre. What is “Bib-spec-fic”? It is speculative fiction that is written from a Christian world view intended to inspire and entertain readers. In Light at the Edge of Darkness, several sub-genres of spec-fic are showcased including horror, science fiction, dystopia, fantasy, time travel, supernatural. The stories have been organized into subgenres with some versatile authors writing in more than one category. You will read the serious, the light, the parody, and the heart-stopping “fiction to scare the Jesus into you.”

When forced to the edge of darkness, there’s only one way back: embrace the Light.

. . . venture to futures where religious "Terrorists" smuggle frozen embryos to save lives and resist technologies designed to break their souls;
. . . explore dying alien worlds scouring the galaxies for hope;
. . . get abducted and discover the universe’s secrets or the trial of a lifetime.

Teetering on the edge, escape inbred captors through a haunted labyrinth,survive a house where nightmares walk, or settle in for a martyr's tribulation.

Join an epic quest through the ridiculous, cross swords with monsters, sneak a glimpse at heaven, and traverse the planes where angels and demons tread.

Follow these tales and more to the edge of darkness, to the brink of despair, and bask in the Savior’s redeeming Light.

Note: This is a re-run for the Light at the Edge of Darkness virtual book tour. Cynthia is offering prizes to those who visit the hosptin blogs and post comments. Find out more at http://blog.lostgenreguild.com/


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As usual you do a great job with blog tours! Thank you for posting this information! I can't wait for the rest :)


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Tag! Trying to make my goal of reaching out and touching my fellow bloggers. Very nice blog!

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David Brollier--
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