Monday, February 09, 2009

Drumwall by Lynden Rodriguez

The mining colony at Drumwall Fortress on the planet of Cumaro was the ideal assignment: pristine, wild, and beautiful; with but one deadly flaw; Lord Banyon, the local tribal chieftain of the Mautlaut.

Two years prior to Father Andrew's arrival, his predecessor, Father Menlo, disappeared under mysterious circumstances. But now, a Mautlaut runner has brought a message from Lord Banyon - written in faultless English. Could Father Menlo still be alive?

But as Father Andrew begins to solve the baffling disappearance of his predecessor, he is haunted by yet another personal mystery. In discovering an ancient Cumaron text in a long forgotten library at Drumwall, Father Andrew begins experiencing visions. Are these visions of God, or are they a split from reality and a further spiraling downward into madness?

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