Friday, February 27, 2009

an interview with Nancy Famolari, author of Summer's Story

Why did you write this book?

I wrote Summer's Story because of my experiences in breeding, racing and training Standardbreds. I thought the harness racing world was inherently romantic. I also love the horses. I wanted to show that while there are some people who take advantage of these marvelous horses, there are others who sincerely love them and will go the extra mile to take care of them.

What's your favorite part of the book and why?

My favorite part of the book is the ending. I wanted Summer to grow up and have to decide that she couldn't become someone's caretaker. She took responsibility for her father and she was starting to do the same thing for Davis. I wanted her to become her own person, and I think she did. In the beginning she had what you could classify as a co-dependent personality. I wanted to see her change. It's difficult to give up the protection of caring for someone else and excusing their faults. Growing up means you have to take chances on your own and be responsible for your decisions.

What was hardest to write?

The hardest part of Summer's Story was the ending. I wanted Summer to grow and realize that she wasn't supposed to take on the responsibility for someone else's life. I also had the problem of deciding who she would end up with, Ned, Davis, or possibly on her own. I rewrote the ending twice to try to get it right. In the process, I came to know a great deal more about Summer's personality and what was driving her.

What do you hope readers will get from your book?

I hope the readers realize how wonderful horses are, and what dedication it takes to bring one to it's athletic potential. I also wanted to show a character, Summer, growing up and learning to accept responsibility for her actions, but not having to take on the responsibility for other's problems. I hope readers see that it's all right to be yourself and not feel that you're responsible for other people's problems.

What's next for you?

My next book, Murder in Montbleu will be available from Red Rose Publishing in 2009. This is a mystery set in a small town. I've written three other books also set in Montbleu, and I'm in the process of editing them. I find that writing about a small town, like the one I live in, is very satisfying. It let's me explore the people and situations I find here. Of course, the murders are more extreme that what actually happens. We're a pretty peaceful town.

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