Thursday, February 12, 2009

Savvy by Ingrid Law

Savvy tells the story of Mibs Beaumont, who is about to become a teenager. If that prospect weren't scary enough, in the Beaumont family the day you turn 13 is the day when you get a special power – your savvy. For example, Mibs has older brothers who can cause hurricanes and another who creates electricity.

But before her big day, Mibs’s dad is in a terrible accident. Will Mibs's new savvy be able to save her dad? Mibs undertakes an extraordinary adventure across America in order to save her dad – and, in the process, she learns a lot about herself and how best to use her special new power.

About Ingrid Law, in her own words:

"Perhaps it was the Lake Champlain monster that started it all. Born in Northern New York in 1970, my first home was a stone's throw from the waters of Lake Champlain and its legendary prehistoric sea monster. From the very start, life was steeped in the lure of the fantastic, of tall tales and big ideas.

When I turned six, my family moved to Colorado, where my father taught in a one-room school house in the tiny mountain town of Gold Hill. In Gold Hill, and places like it, I discovered that small things and small places can be just as interesting and extraordinary as big noisy ones, and even now, I'm drawn to tiny towns and quiet places possessing their own charm and quirky character.

Today, I still live in Colorado, close to family, friends, and the mountains, all of which help keep me from getting lost. I am the mother of an intense and imaginative 13-year-old daughter, and she and I hide away in a lovely old mobile home, with rickety floors, that we like to believe is a cross between a spaceship and a shoe box. We enjoy writing on the walls, painting on the ceiling, and creating all kinds of stories."

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