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CONQUER ALL OBSTACLES by Jo-Anne Vandermeulen


Middle-aged divorcee, Tara Robstead, wants more than a secret love affair with her boss, Josh Henderson.


Yet, her search for a happily-ever-after costs her more than a price paid in blood—her soul is slaughtered.


Now confined in a mental hospital, she must confront her greatest fears in order to break a psychopath’s control over her fractured mind.


Against the ticking clock, Josh must face his true love for Tara before it’s too late.

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Interview with Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

Why did you write this book?

When I wrote “Conquer All Obstacles” I was having a lot of internal conflict. I’d just returned from the Neurologists (after performing several tests) to confirm or rule-out the possibility of early Alzheimer’s. Thankfully, the tests turned out negative. The symptoms I’d been experiencing would have to be further examined.
In “Conquer All Obstacles” there are passages woven throughout the novel, taking the reader into the ‘NOW – at Gladstone Central Mental Hospital’. The main character’s collection of semi-comatose internal conversations, are the actual confused (or I call it practically insane) thinking I was experiencing—making this suspense/romance a very interesting read. The reader is taken from the NOW to the past (starting at 6 months prior) and gradually lead into the present time. “Conquer All Obstacles” is a real page-turner with a built in story structure that hooks the reader right from the start--the reader cannot help but wonder why a strong independent woman could end up in such a confused mental state, and how will she be able to conquer this internal battle that’s happening within her mind.

“Conquer All Obstacles” is a testimony for all who suffer...an inspirational message that confirms our internal strength can overcome whatever ailment or barricade that a person may have to face. Love, passion, and the true spirit of hope can work as weapons; battle and win against obstacles. An inner strength that most don’t realize we have.

What did you enjoy most about writing it?

When I wrote “Conquer All Obstacles”, I enjoyed feeling the characters become real in all forms—physically, mentally, intellectually, and spiritually. Their personalities developed and grew as the story unravelled.

What was hardest to write?

The most difficult part to write “Conquer All Obstacles” was the first 50 pages. I must have revisited and revised those pages anywhere between 30-40 times.

What do you hope people will get from your book?

By the time the reader completes “Conquer All Obstacles”, I hope they are inspired with new discoveries about love, courage, and internal strength of mentality. The readers will feel growth as they become each character—experiencing the truth about love, the power of courage; and the knowledge of making choices...the means to conquer all obstacles is controlled from within thy self.

What's next for you?

I live one day at a time—a journey that’s already predetermined by God. Yes, I plan; but, I don’t plan the outcomes. Expectations just get me into a lot of trouble.
Over the next 4-6 months, I plan to market “Conquer All Obstacles” through local and Internet promotions. I’ve become my own publicist, distributor, and marketer which leaves little or no time for writing.

Within this time frame, I will continue with the edits to my soon-to-be-released (November 2009) “Premium Promotional Tips For Writers” and keep building my author platform. Once this non-fiction is released, I will continue to take the rolls mentioned with a shift in targeted audiences—exchanging interests from suspense/romance to more writers and authors who are searching for practical tips to market their books. Having a fiction and nonfiction released fairly within the same time period should prove very interesting (which I’m up for the challenge).

There’s no way I can stay away from writing for a 6 month period. I plan to write another fiction. My readers will dictate whether or not there will be a sequel.

Corresponding with my fans is very important. I’m looking forward to our exchange of ideas and the building of relationships. Opportunities have a way of just showing-up behind all doors I open. Thank you Karina for THIS wonderful opportunity to share my some of myself and my writing with your readers. God bless.

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