Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Last Protector by Daniel Starr (with Review)

Scrornuck Saughblade, a tall, red-haired young man who wears a kilt and packs a "magic" sword, thinks he's just doing a good deed and maybe meeting a new girlfriend when he wades into a Saturday-night bar brawl to rescue serving-wench Nalia. Jape Phelps, the Ranger whom Scrornuck is sworn to protect, knows better: Nalia's ability to duck a punch before it's thrown is the visible display of a much deeper talent, a talent that just might save the world when the "streams of time" cross two weeks hence.

Read more about how Starr created his world's religion, Spafuism: Faith-Filled Fiction

Mini Review by Karina:

FTC Disclaimer: All I know was I was standing in this incredibly long line waiting to go on some crazy ride I wasn't looking forward to but my kids were clamoring for, when the tall, skinny bearded guy in armor and carrying the most freaking-amazing sword I'd ever seen pops into line in front of us. He said, "Expect a book. Review it. The fate of Topeka* depends on it!" and he's gone before anyone can protest his cutting into line! Well, the book showed up in my e-mail. I didn't pay for it. I'm not getting paid for it. But the fate of Topeka* is in my hands...

The Last Protector is laugh-out-loud funny with some very clever details. I enjoyed the characters and the general plot quite a bit, but I must admit, the details appealed the most to me. Things like The Sacred Yellow Bricks left behind when the construction crews got laid off, or the employees that magically appear to return your shopping cart for you. The "freaking-amazing sword" was a wonderful piece of high-tech placed into a medieval setting--a nanotech blade controlled by the grip and mental imaging of its bearer. Daniel Starr is full of creative ideas like that, woven into the book with a sense of fun. This is one I plan to read to my kids (9-16, who still love bedtime stories).

*Actually, it's spelled Taupeaquaah in the book, but how was I to know?

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